vPAC Alliance

Driving standards-based, open, interoperable, and secure software-defined architecture to host protection, automation, and control solutions for power system substations.  
The global move to a sustainable energy infrastructure is placing stress on the power grid as weather-dependent renewable energy sources are deployed at all layers. At the same time, new loads are being added to the grid, dramatically increasing our dependence on electricity. Transportation is switching from liquid petroleum to electric batteries, heating and cooking systems are being electrified, and our appetite for computing and communications systems continues to grow.
A new paradigm of adaptive, resilient, secure, and intelligent grid control enables operators to manage these increasingly bi-directional and highly dynamic-evolving power systems. To address the industry challenges, technology leaders created the Virtual Protection Automation and Control (vPAC) Alliance call for standards for flexible, manageable, and interoperable platforms. Using software-defined technologies and virtualized versions of standard solutions, industry participants can then build out the adaptive, intelligent tools and algorithms needed for the grid of the future.


Modernization Initiative for
Automation & Control in Substations


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